5 Skin Conditions Treated With a Chemical Peel

Nearly 1.4 million chemical peel treatments were performed last year in the United States, helping women and men enjoy smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. Today’s chemical peels use special formulations for better results and less downtime. Plus, we can carefully customize every treatment for ultimate outcomes.

At Evolve Health, we make it our business to ensure our patients in Portland, Oregon, get top-quality care that’s tailored to their needs. Our chemical peels are made by leading skin care company Skinceuticals®, making them ideal for lots of issues, including these five common conditions.


As many as 50 million Americans — preteens, teens, and adults — suffer from acne each year, and many more go on to develop embarrassing scarring. 

Chemical peels help treat acne and prevent breakouts. Acne chemical peels use a special gentle formulation to remove the upper layers of skin, preventing clogged pores that lead to acne breakouts. 

The Skinceuticals peel for acne is strong enough to remove the upper layer of dull, dead skin while still being gentle enough to avoid irritation.

Freckles and other dark spots

Freckles might look cute on little kids. But on adults, freckles or their larger cousins, solar lentigines (age spots or liver spots), can make you look older. Both freckles and solar lentigines form as a response to the sun’s UV rays. Freckles may fade over time, but age spots stick around. 

Dark spots tend to appear in the upper layers of skin — the layers most exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Chemical peels work to fade age spots by getting rid of that upper layer, typically within a few treatments. 

Sun damage

You know too much sun can lead to a painful sunburn. But once the sunburn goes away, that doesn’t mean your skin has completely healed. Inside your skin, changes take place that can lead to skin discoloration, rough patches, skin laxity, and other changes in your skin’s overall tone and texture.

By getting rid of the upper layers of damaged skin, chemical peels speed up your skin’s growth cycle, allowing new, healthy cells to emerge more quickly. Over time, chemical peels can restore your skin so it looks and feels fresher and more resilient.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Tiny lines and wrinkles are typically the first noticeable signs of facial aging, sometimes appearing as early as your late 20s. They may not seem like much at first, but if you ignore them, they can get deeper — fast. 

Early treatment prevents tiny imperfections from turning into major problems.

Chemical peels are a mainstay for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Why? Because in their early days, these little imperfections affect the top layers of skin — the same layers that we gently remove with chemical peels. 


Even relatively mild scarring can take a toll on your self-esteem. Whether those scars come from trauma or from a skin condition like acne, the effects can be lifelong. 

Fortunately, chemical peels are highly effective in getting rid of unattractive facial scarring. By removing layers of damaged skin and encouraging growth of healthy skin cells, chemical peels can reduce or eliminate scarring, helping your skin look and feel smoother and fresher. 

Find a peel that’s right for you

With chemical peels at Evolve Health, there’s no need to live with damaged skin. Our team customizes a treatment plan that’s just right for your concerns and your skin type, so you can feel confident in your beautiful results. 

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